The first place to start is with our consultation form. This is just a jumping off point to start the conversation toward your body’s custom macros. From there, one of our coaches will give you a call to explain in detail how our program works, get to know you as a client, and answer any questions you may have.

Macros (or macronutrients) are the foods we consume, broken down into finer components: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. At Restoration Fitness we also include water and fiber into the equation because of their importance!

Using a combination of nutritional expertise, macro training, and research-based methodology, your coach will create a custom plan tailored to your body’s nutritional needs and specific goals. Each macronutrient serves a vital role in your health and wellness, and finding a balance that fits your body best is key. Our custom macros coaching works to take out the guesswork, because “one-size” does NOT fit all! 

Your macros coach will provide you with weekly feedback and new macros to hit each week based on your performance and consistency, how your body is responding, and your personal goals. 

Yes, our coaching is online. We have clients all across the country and internationally as well! If you are local to Southern Oregon or Sacramento areas we do offer some in-person coaching.

The reverse is the opposite of dieting, and the first phase of our program. THIS is the secret sauce to the success of our clients! During the reverse phase we slowly and gradually increase your overall calories each week, while tailoring your custom macros to fit your body. By increasing each week we are essentially rehabilitating your metabolism- getting it revved up and firing like it’s supposed to be. We are also working to balance out hormones from a nutrition perspective, getting your body consistent nutrition, and getting your body functioning at its peak. 

Yes, we have several! We offer a Turn Up discount for our TU communities, a military discount, and a DUO discount, which is for partners doing our program together. 

We always encourage movement as part of a healthy lifestyle, but exercise is NOT required to be successful with our macros programs. Nutrition is the key to all of your results, and any progress in your body goals always starts in the kitchen. 

We have our clients track by first weighing their food on a kitchen food scale (in grams, whenever possible), and logging it in the free version of the MyFitnessPal app. MyFitnessPal connects with our app so we are able to see how you’re hitting your macros. 

Within our app we have a direct messaging feature which acts just like texting. You’re literally in our pocket at all times! That line of communication is always available to you. Beyond that, your coach contacts you throughout the week, and sends you a weekly check-in form for you to complete and receive your new macros for the coming week.

If you are able to fit it into your macros, yes! Alcohol affects all bodily processes at the cellular level, so while you are certainly able to drink alcohol on our program, we do keep that in mind and recommend light moderation. 

Our program costs vary depending on length of time, your personal goals, and discounts. Our programs range from $95/month to $250/month, with the average cost around $120/month. 

Our programs are all paid monthly, recurring on the same day that you sign up.

Our most popular and highest recommend program is our 6 month program. During your consultation call your coach can recommend the best program for your goals. 

Absolutely NOT! We use tracking as a short term tool to get you long term results. At the end of your program we gradually phase out tracking.

Everyone’s body, goals, and entry point are different. Additionally, your progress depends on your work, consistency, and dedication to this program! We are also focused on achieving your goals in the RIGHT way that is healthiest for your body, not necessarily the fastest. 

Always focus on hitting your macros (not the calories). We only give an overall calorie goal so you’re able to enter in your macros goal in MyFitnessPal. Because there is a margin of error for nutrition labels and MyFitnessPal, calories can add up to be significantly off from your calorie goal. That is okay, as long as you are hitting your macros. Macros don’t lie!

More FAQ's

Our bodies are very smart and adapt quickly to the food intake it is given consistently. We change up your macros weekly to continue your progression through our program. 

We always track total carbs. 

Weight loss varies greatly from person to person. As a gross generalization, clients see around 10+ pounds of weight loss during our 3 month program, about 20+ pounds for our 6 months program, and about 40+ pounds during our 12 months program (depending on client consistency and dedication).  

No. If you want a special food, fit it into your macros! 

Again, this varies from person to person. On average, the reverse takes 6-8 weeks.

The cut usually lasts a total of 4-6 weeks for a typical cut. This can change from client to client, depending on their goals and their individual program.