Hey guys, I’m Jo! I am a coach & co-owner of Restoration Fitness with my sister Karyn! Nutrition, macros, fitness & coaching are my passion and are rooted in a my personal journey! 

Name a diet and I’ve tried it- Atkins, south beach, paleo, keto, vegan,  pescatarian, fasting, egg diet, banana diet, and even injected myself 2 times a day with HCG with a 500 cal a day diet👉🏼 FOR A YEAR!!! 😳 

I’ve restricted, binged, and purged. Wrestled with an eating disorder to have an ounce of control in an environment where I had zero. I’ve tried it all, guys. Truly. 

The way I finally found freedom and broke the cycle of diet culture, shame, and zero self worth, was educating myself in nutrition and learning that food was not the enemy.  I went to therapy for my mental health, and learned tools to cope with past trauma. 

I now have the privilege of living out my passion of teaching others the same tools I used to overcome an unhealthy relationship with food, heal an eating disorder and find freedom, happiness, and confidence. 

 I still have days that I doubt myself, I still struggle with the fear of attaining physical goals because the old thoughts creep in BUT I choose to get back to the truths & tools that I’ve learned. I now have the honor of using my struggles and journey to help others overcome the same!

I’m here to help you every step of the way and you’re never alone on this journey! I can’t wait to meet you! Xo


Hey everyone, I’m Karyn with a Y, macro coach & co-owner of Restoration Fitness with my big sis, Jo! 

My passion for nutrition has been growing since I was the “chubby” kid in class, and has since blossomed into helping people break that toxic fad-diet cycle, breaking stigmas about food groups, and helping people get to their fitness goals through nutrition. I have experience working with nursing moms, and people with auto-immune disorders (Hashimoto’s right here)  and I love reminding people to drink their water and eat carbs!

I have tried literally all the diets out there, I have skipped periods from severe restriction, and I battled an eating disorder for a period of time, all while trying to get a handle on my auto-immune disease. I’ve hit nutrition rock bottom a few times, y’all. But the one thing that clicked, that made sense, that stopped me spinning my wheels after 25+ years, was MACROS and finally educating myself instead of turning to the next fad diet of empty promises. 

We at Restoration Fitness are with you every step of the way on your journey. Yes, it will be up to you to put in the work, but we’re here coaching you through, encouraging you, and helping you because we know exactly what it’s like to be where you are now. I can’t wait to work with you!!


Hey y’all 🙋🏼‍♀️ Chelsea, or (Chels) here with Restoration Fitness. Just to give you guys a little “about me”, I was born and raised here in good ol’ Grants Pass, OR. Grew up playing all the sports from basketball, football, softball, soccer, track. You name it, I’ve probably played it. Or tried. Just don’t ask me to play Golf 😉 

I’d say my passion for helping others has always been there, but it wasn’t until I had a job working with mentally disabled kids that I really found that love for helping others. Most of these kids didn’t have it easy on a day to day basis but they were always so happy, and full of life. It humbled me to work with these kids. There was one kid in particular who his parents were needing someone to help out, take him to and from school and just hang with him during the day. I did that for about 4 years aside from my regular job and it was so eye opening for me. This kid was SO smart and loving. He had Down syndrome but he never let it get the best of him. He was on the swim team, he LOVED to sing, and dance like no one was watching. Specially to country music, that was our jam! I ended up coaching the special Olympics basketball team that he was on and that was definitely one of my favorite memories of working with him and being able to coach him and some of the other kids I worked with. They were all so passionate about everything they did. If I had to choose a job that I learned the most from, it’d be that one. Working with those kids made me realize how important the little things in life are, and not to take life too seriously. 

Fast forward to today and I’ve shifted that passion more towards helping others achieve their weight loss goals. I’ve been on and off my own fitness journey for a good 15 years now I’d say! Though I’ve always known that nutrition is the most important part of your weight loss journey, I never really cared much about nutrition the way I do now for myself especially. I’m learning as I get older, I can’t exactly eat whatever I want and still have a 6 pack 😜.  Doing macros myself, and teaching others how has been an absolute game changer for me. I now know exactly what my body needs to run efficiently and I’m able to help others do the same! If you’re struggling with your weight loss journey and don’t know where to start, I’m here to help. I gotchu 🙋🏼‍♀️


Ohhhh heyyyy! Coach Becca “The Hammer” here. I am a certified personal trainer, youth fitness specialist, macro coach, and dance fitness instructor. Long story short… fitness and nutrition are my world, however that was not always the case. 

From a young age I was always “bigger”, and made aware of it. I truly felt like it was something that was out of my control, and ultimately just accepted it. I was a competitive athlete my entire life, on my way to playing college softball, and then suddenly everything changed. A bad knee injury prevented me from going on to play in college (everything I had worked for my entire life, gone) and ultimately, I was lost. Fast forward a few years and I was the heaviest I had ever been, as well as the most sedentary I had ever been. But in 2014 EVERYTHING CHANGED... 

Through hard work and dedication I lost the weight and more. 40+ lbs gone, and for the first time in my life… I didn’t feel like the “bigger” girl. But the most incredible part? I found myself. I found my passion. I had a new fire for life, and at that point it became very clear to me what my life’s work would be.... to help others become their healthiest, strongest, most empowered selves. And believe me... if I could do it... so can you. So here I am- living out my passion every single day, training and coaching people to be the best versions of themselves.

There’s so many things I went through on my own personal fitness journey, that I now know didn’t need to be that way. As proud I am of accomplishing what I did, all on my own, I absolutely created habits and ways of thinking about food and my body that was unhealthy. I missed out on life. I missed out on experiences. My goal now? To make sure I help as many people understand that we can reach our goals, fuel our bodies, and still enjoy the hell out of life! I’m finally free from that diet culture mentality that has such a deep hold on so many of us, and all I want is for you to be free as well. Ready to crush your goals and live your best life? Let’s do this!!